Selected Publications of the research group
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Monien

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Author Title Year Journal/Proceedings DOI/URL
Baym, G., Monien, H., Pethick, C.J. & Ravenhall, D.G. Transverse Interactions and Transport In Relativistic Quark-gluon and Electromagnetic Plasmas 1990 Physical Review Letters
Vol. 64(16), pp. 1867-1870 
Freericks, J.K. & Monien, H. Strong-coupling expansions for the pure and disordered Bose-Hubbard model 1996 Physical Review B
Vol. 53(5), pp. 2691-2700 
Freericks, J.K. & Monien, H. Phase-diagram of the Bose-hubbard Model 1994 Europhysics Letters
Vol. 26(7), pp. 545-550 
Kuhner, T.D. & Monien, H. Phases of the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model 1998 Physical Review B
Vol. 58(22), pp. 14741-14744 
Kuhner, T.D., White, S.R. & Monien, H. One-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model with nearest-neighbor interaction 2000 Physical Review B
Vol. 61(18), pp. 12474-12489 
Littlewood, P.B., Zaanen, J., Aeppli, G. & Monien, H. Spin Fluctuations In A 2-dimensional Marginal Fermi-liquid 1993 Physical Review B
Vol. 48(1), pp. 487-498 
Millis, A.J. & Monien, H. Spin Gaps and Spin Dynamics In La2-xsrxcuo4 and Yba2cu3o7-delta 1993 Physical Review Letters
Vol. 70(18), pp. 2810-2813 
Millis, A.J., Monien, H. & Pines, D. Phenomenological Model of Nuclear-relaxation In the Normal State of Yba2cu3o7 1990 Physical Review B
Vol. 42(1), pp. 167-178 
Monien, H., Monthoux, P. & Pines, D. Application of Antiferromagnetic-fermi-liquid Theory To Nmr Experiments In La1.85sr0.15cuo4 1991 Physical Review B
Vol. 43(1), pp. 275-287 
Monien, H., Pines, D. & Takigawa, M. Application of the Antiferromagnetic-fermi-liquid Theory To Nmr Experiments On Yba2cu3o6.63 1991 Physical Review B
Vol. 43(1), pp. 258-274 

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